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  • 2005

    Wuxi Excellence Forging Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2007

    Forging Line 1 was officially put into operation, and the first ring rolled piece was successfully rolled off the assembly line

  • 2009

    AVIC Heavy Machinery Holdings changed its name to AVIC Excellence Forging ( Wuxi ) Co., Ltd.

  • 2012

    The installation and commissioning of the forging line 2 was completed, and the super-large ring forging production line project was put into operation

  • 2013

    Won the "Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise" evaluation

  • 2016

    AVIC Testing Excellence Testing Center was officially established and passed the national CNAS laboratory and aviation system certification

  • 2019

    Passed the certification of "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center", presided over the compilation of "Technical Conditions for Shield Machine Spindle Bearing Ring Forgings", "Machining Allowance and Tolerance of Large Hot Rolled Ring Forgings" and other group standards

  • 2020

    MES Manufacturing Execution System Project Officially Implemented

  • 2021

    AVIC Excellence Forging production capacity enhancement rod manufacturing construction project officially started